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Often, we catch ourselves saying, “No!” or issuing lots of verbal corrections to our furry friends.  Sometimes it’s important to do this, but we can build better trust and stronger bonds by praising the things they do right.  Our dogs want to learn what we expect of them, they’re looking for it all the time.

For example,  Fido comes over to your desk where you are working on an email (or checking us out on facebook); he sits and looks up at you.  Reward his quiet attention to you with a “Good boy!”  or even just a “Hello, Fido!”  If he’s lying in the doorway while you’re cooking dinner, rather than harrassing you for scraps, praise him for it. If he sits nicely without being asked to when the doorbell rings, tell him, “Good job, Fido!”  Heck, that’s a tough one, maybe deserving of a treat or favorite toy.

Our dogs must adjust to living in a human household, a task that doesn’t come naturally to them.  With a little effort, some patience, and lots of love we can help them understand our preferences and set them up for success.

Remember, a positive attitude yields positive results.

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